Integrated campign for Anchor dairy products

As one of the most established names in the dairy products category, consumers have no problem recognizing the Anchor brand, but most of them do not understand the intricacies that make the brand special. To change the narrative, we need to inject the brand with some personality.

The campaign idea is simple - building an association between people's favourite foods with Anchor's products, and reminding them the key role that Anchor plays inside any kitchen, whether it is at home or at a restaurant. Nothing gets people going like a little bit of #foodporn, and by featuring the Anchor brand in videos showcasing decadent dishes that locals know and love, we successfully lifted their ad-recall and achieved a high VTR throughout the integrated campaign that spans over social, digital, traditional and in-store media.

Agency: Sunny Idea
Head of Creative: Vincent Tse, Leung Chung
ACD: Curry Mak
SAD: Lok Lai
AAD: Stephanie J. Smith

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