From a town near Brighton, Felix was inspired to become an artist from his experiences as a child and teenager. He moved to London read Fine Art at RCA and is currently working through his MA Painting degree at the RCA Battersea studios. We caught up with Felix at APT Gallery where he showed his freshest work.

Hey Felix, what’s up?

It’s going good - I’ve just started at RCA, in a MA course. I think it’s just like practising new found ways to work - like new materials, using the workshops they have, the tutoring, so I can try to push my ideas and practice further I suppose. Whether it’s sculpture or painting, I’m trying to put on more shows and stuff…

How long does it usually take you to plan and complete a piece?

It can vary from a week to a month. If I was really on it, I’d say a week for a painting. Like these kinds of ones (in the show) would take roughly a week.

How about the deflatable sculpture?

Well that was made in China, I didn’t really make it, but I painted it and designed it. They made it in like two days - they sent it to me and I painted it with acrylic. It took about a week all in all, so I guess it’s pretty quick!

What’s a typical day like for you?

Wake up and have a coffee. On my way to work I would get my iPad out, look around and take screenshots of things that I can use in my painting or sketch some stuff on my iPad. Then look at my sources in the studio and start and idea and paint! I end up painting all day then head home.

Any dream commissions/projects you would like to work on?

I don’t really like doing commissions, I find them very hard…I’m open to it, but it has to be the right thing. I want it to be genuine, instead of losing the ideas for something else. I have done commissions before, but with a loose brief, so they give me lots of freedom to be creative. My dream is to do shows around the world, so that people from other places can see my work and give me feedback. I find it interesting how people from different countries sees my work differently.

What’s next?

I want to make better paintings - I bought an airbrush, and hope to start looking at how I paint and how I can create more dynamism in the paintings through colour and form. And I think using tools like an airbrush would help me to do that, perhaps get bigger and larger in scale too.

Thanks Felix!

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