‘Utopia by Design’ LDB 2016

Beach took to Somerset House for the first London Design Biennale. A few of the pieces at the inaugural festival were pretty rad: here are our picks…

Chakraview – Sumant Jayakrishnan, Avinash Kumar, Hanif Kureshi and Rutva Trivedi

We spoke to Hanif Kureshi about his involvement with the installation. The images of Indian hand-painted signage were documented during his travels around India; some of which had been done by Delhi-based street artists, and himself.

Chakra refers to a symbol of evolution, source of power and renewal. It explores the concept of ‘Utopia by Design’ by diving into the roots of Indian design history. The space is distinctly Indian, in both approach and execution, and we are all over anything hand-painted.

A Journey Around the Neighbourhood Globe – Yasuhiro Suzuki

‘Mitate’ is a Japanese concept for ‘looking at one thing as if it were another’. All of the work installed in the room urges one to take a sideways look at everyday objects – from an apple, to a compass, to a photo booth. The compass of the ground we stand on is definitely a game changer.

Mezzing In Lebanon – Annabel Karim Kassar RIBA

London has decided to swap the Thames for some Mediterranean vibes. The installation gives you a slice of life in Beirut – the hustle and bustle of food kiosks, shanty villages and all the shisha you will need. We could do with this being permanent…

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